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Created so search engines can index my webpages that are linked on neither my homepage nor

  1. My webpage about telephones in the USA for hearing-impaired people.

  2. My webpage of links to sewing supplies in the USA.

  3. My webpage of links to cooking ingredients in the USA.

  4. My former addresses.

  5. My list of links to German dictionaries.

  6. I was seeking employment in a university, nonprofit research institute, or the research laboratory of a high-technology company.   My resume is posted here.

  7. Candidates for a new faculty position, as well as professors who seek promotion or tenure, in universities in the USA prepare a statement that explains their teaching style and their commitment to teaching.

  8. Documentation that polio is an Islamic disease in 2013, because of opposition to polio immunization by Muslim extremists/terrorists.

  9. An annotated list of my essays on Syria, plus links to copies of historical documents.

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revised 1 May 2014