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Sources in USA
Foreign Sources:
Canada,   UK,   Germany,   Austria,   Switzerland
Space Weather   Earthquakes


Concord/Manchester, NH

NOAA forecast for Concord, NH (metric units);   forecast discussion
NOAA hourly conditions for past 3 days at Concord, NH (metric units)
NOAA daily climatological conditions at Concord, NH for each month — select CF6 & Concord
NOAA forecast for Manchester, NH (metric units);   hourly conditions at Manchester

Radar & Surface Pressure Maps

NOAA Radar base reflectivity mosaic National
NOAA surface pressure national map isobars in 4 mb increments New England   other
NOAA forecast map 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, 60 hour
NOAA Aviation Weather: fronts national map current and forecasts for 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96 hour
NOAA Aviation Weather: Infrared Satellite national map

Boston, Massachusetts

NOAA forecast for Boston, Mass. (metric units);   forecast discussion
hourly conditions at Bedford

Other NOAA webpages

NOAA list of weather forecast offices
NOAA Hurricane Center homepage
NOAA charts of height of 850, 700, 500, 300, 200 mb levels
NOAA archive of surface pressure maps (begins 29 Mar 2006)

Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion: Google 32 F = ?

Other sources in USA

Vaisala national map of cloud-to-ground lightning during the past two hours.

Lightning location for past two hours in the USA from, a community collaborative lightning location network.

Weather Underground homepage (Founded in 1995 as an Internet website by Dr. Jeffrey Masters, a graduate of the Meteorology Department at the University of Michigan.   Has data from personal weather stations, in addition to government data.   Click on SETTINGS at top right corner of webpage to change to metric units.)
Weather Underground report for Concord, NH

Accuweather homepage (Founded in 1962 by professors and graduates of the Meteorology Department at The Pennsylvania State University in State College.)
Accuweather report for Concord, NH

Weather Channel homepage (Cable television channel in USA, began in 1982.)
Weather Channel report for Concord, NH.

Intellicast homepage
Intellicast national lightning map

American Meteorological Society presentation of data from NOAA.   AmMetSoc symbols used on weather maps.
NOAA symbols used on weather maps.

WeatherBell models, including Canadian and European Centre

New England resources:
Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts (climate data since 1885)
MIT Synoptic Laboratory
Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire
Plymouth State University Weather Center in Plymouth, NH

collections of links:
University of Michigan weather website has a large collection of links to weather resources, including technical maps for forecasters.
Pennsylvania State University weather resources
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center

Sources outside the USA


Environment Canada national map for laymen, with current conditions and links
Environment Canada lightning danger map in Canada & northern USA, updated every 10 minutes, from Vaisala network.
Environment Canada surface pressure maps for 00, 06, 12, 18 GMT
Aviation Weather surface pressure map

The Weather Network cable television channel

United Kingdom

UK Meteorological Office homepage
UK Met. Office surface pressure map for UK, Europe, & North Atlantic Ocean

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts homepage

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Weather: UK   World
The Guardian (Manchester newspaper) Weather


Deutscher Wetterdienst homepage   surface pressure map

T-Online weather maps for Germany & Europe
Wetter-Online maps of Europe and individual countries
ARD, Germany's main television network
ZDF, Germany's second television network
RTL, television in Luxembourg

map of current cloud-to-ground lightning in Europe, most recent strikes are one-hour old.
Siemens lightning location in Germany, real-time map


Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik homepage
commercial webpage with current weather information
ORF, Austria's radio/television network

Austrian Lightning Detection network,   ORF map of current lightning


Wetterdienst der Schweiz homepage
Météorage current lightning map for Switzerland and France

Space Weather

NOAA space weather homepage by Dr. Tony Phillips


USGS earthquake homepage
Canada earthquakes
Boston College -- Weston Observatory homepage


To avoid updating bookmark files in several different webbrowsers on each of several different computers that I routinely use, I have collected all of my links to sources of current weather and put them in this HTML document at my personal website.

My links in the USA emphasize the local weather in Concord, NH, where I live. It is a simple matter to substitute a different ZIP code or three-letter airport code, to get local weather for another location in the USA.
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