I downloaded at 14:22 EDT on 15 May 2014 from U.S. State Dept. website, and modified the HTML code to reduce the file size from 72.9 kilobytes to 2.6 kilobytes, so the file would download faster. There is a copy of the original at the French Foreign Ministry.   R. Standler

Friends of Syria Core Group (London-11)

Following is the text of the communiqué agreed upon by the Ministers of the London-11 countries at a meeting held in London on May 15, 2014.

Begin text:
  1. We the countries of the ‘London 11’ Core Group of the Friends of Syria denounce the Assad regime’s unilateral plan to hold illegitimate presidential elections on 3 June. This mocks the innocent lives lost in the conflict, utterly contradicts the Geneva communiqué and is a parody of democracy. Under rules set by the regime, such elections will be devoid of political participation of millions of Syrians. We call on the entire international community to reject these illegitimate elections, as the Arab League, United Nations, United States of America, Turkey and the European Union have already done.

  2. We have agreed unanimously to take further steps together, through a coordinated strategy, to: increase our support for the moderate opposition National Coalition, its Supreme Military Council and associated moderate armed groups; hold the Assad regime accountable for the terror it is perpetrating against its own people and spreading across the region, including through Security Council referral to the International Criminal Court; counter the rising forces of extremism; complete the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons; and step up efforts to deliver humanitarian aid across borders and across lines irrespective of the consent of the regime. We have directed our officials to implement a Core Group action plan.

[End text.]